About EWM

The vision for EWM is simple.To be a Blessing as a resource for the Body of Christ.

Here you will find no crazy predictions regarding when Christ will return, no peculiar offers or money-back guarantees on your salvation.

The Ministry Website can be found at www.eagleswingministries.org The site is a major work in progress, as you know if you’ve tried to visit it! The vision for the site is to house this blog as well as teaching videos and mp3 files for download and articles from other writers. It’s a complicated process, but the offline version is growing and as soon as practical it will be uploaded. Bear with us.

You can also find us on Facebook at Eagle’s Wing Ministries  for updates or follow us on Twitter at @Eagle_Ministry

The mission for EWM is more than to evangelise. For decades many church organisations have focussed on evangelism outreach events but then not had the resources to bring the lives they reach into the body of the church on a local and global scale. The result is many who convert, but few who remain.

With this in mind the heart of this ministry is to help churches disciple new converts. Yes, we are happy to get involved in outreach events. But our passion is to see new converts become people who walk the walk with Christ and reach others through their witness – and go on to do the same. EWM is not primarily an evangelical organisation.

Jesus is Lord. He is the only way to a restored relationship with God, which was and is His heart’s desire. Everything in this site is aimed at helping to understand the mystery of God’s desire to have relationship with us.

If you wish to partner with EWM by donation, please contact us through the contact form and we will get back to you with details of how you can donate to the work of the ministry either financially or through physical donations of food, clothes, building materials etc for us to redistribute to our partners in need.

The ministry is relocating in the first part of 2017 physically from Cape Town, South Africa to near Bristol in Somerset, England. This in no means represents a change in focus or interest in Africa. The website will continue to be hosted on a South African server, and the heart of the ministry is very much to join with fellowships throughout the African continent. We currently have affiliations in Kenya, Ghana, Ethiopia, Malawi, Liberia as well as India, Pakistan and Myanmar (Burma). It is an honour and a privilege to unite with these churches in ministry and we look forward to being able to do more than simply email and write teaching articles soon!

Nothing stays the same in this world except God. The World today asks us to end hate speech with regard to other religions – especially Islam, “alternative” lifestyles – particularly with regard to sexuality, and a host of other issues.

As a ministry, EWM believes that the Word of God is immutable on these things. Jesus said He was, and is, the only path to the Father (John 14:6). We are called to Love our neighbour, and even our enemy, but a part of that is to love enough to rebuke. At EWM we believe in a literal Hell (because Jesus spoke as though there was one many times), where those who reject Him will spend eternity. It is a struggle to reconcile this concept with a Loving God sometimes, but would a Loving God force someone absolutely set on rejecting Him and everything He stands for to spend all eternity in His presence? He gave us Free Will. The choice is ours.

Sexuality is a big issue for the World right now. Secular equality is something EWM agrees with and supports. Equal rights for employment, legal marriage etc are important and as such we will fight for that equality. BUT within the Body of Christ there are limits. We will undoubtedly be called hatemongers for saying so, but the Bible was written by a collection of writers over the course of around 3000 years or more. It stretches from nomadic desert dwellers through the bronze age into the iron age, and one thing that remains steady throughout is that God is absolutely opposed to sexual immorality, be it out of marriage, same-sex, bestiality or any other perversion the enemy has twisted what He created to be the pinnacle of a relationship between husband and wife.

If I were to list every verse here it would take me days to gather all the references.

The Good News is that Salvation belongs to all who call on the Name of Jesus. In no way am I saying homosexuals cannot be Christians, any more than the greedy, the idolatrous or the selfish cannot. We recognise that as humans we are forgiven, not perfect. We are not called to judge men, but we can look at the fruit of people’s lives and make deductions from it.

David, Founder of EWM, has a nasty temper that he is learning to control. It’s not easy for him and every day he has to surrender that part of himself to Christ. He writes:

“My life is one filled with pain from an early age. I shut out the means to feel anything but anger as a teenager, and as a result in my 40s that is still something I struggle with.

I have a past. We all do. My wife is not the only woman I’ve slept with – something I deeply regret now, but that at the time I was fooled into thinking was “wisdom” – the lie about making sure you’re “sexually compatible” before committing to marriage. You find that out by talking honestly to each other, not by experimentation. Just like everything else.

My anger has control of me if I don’t surrender it to Jesus. I’m angry with myself, but I take it out on others. I’m angry I didn’t go with my brother the day he died, because maybe if I had he would still be here. I’m angry with myself for buying into the lies about sex that Hollywood has spent decades creating and perpetuating. I’m angry that I’m angry.

But the thing about Christianity is that I always have another chance to get up and take control back. My failures are not final. My shortcomings are buried with Christ, and while my old nature wrestles with anger daily, I can hand it to Jesus as often as it comes up – and that’s a lot!”

The desensitisation to sin in the modern world has resulted in, at best, an amoral society where immorality and sin is the norm. EWM, although it is an unpopular place to stand, stands against this. Over the coming months and years we fully expect to be called out as intolerant, bigoted and hateful. And when it comes to the things God hates, that’s EXACTLY what we aim to be!


2 thoughts on “About EWM

  1. Praise Jesus,
    Thanks for the vision and passion as expressed in the statements above. What touches me much is the idea to convert and make people remain in Christ.
    With this I intend to be a member of this ministry.
    Kindly provide all necessary information as to my intend.
    I am a pastor in Liberia pastoring a local church in northern Liberia.
    Remain bless


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