About David

That’s me on the left. I’ve been a Christian since 1985. It’s hard to believe it’s over 30 years ago now.

In the time since I’ve had lapses as most of us have. There have been times I’ve not been a regular member of a specific local church when circumstances have prevented it.

What I’ve learned most is that having the right attitude towards God and His design for my life is critical to walking in His path, but that if through my own stubbornness I miss a turn somewhere that He will get me back on track.

Since I first wrote this bio I’ve moved house three times and that’s about to be four. We’ve gone from three insane dogs to two having lost the mother a few months ago. Beamer was my first dog that was really mine and I miss her a lot. But I have a wonderful wife (on the right in the picture at the top) and the two “younger” dogs, Maggie and Sam – both now 10 years old – who will be joining us on our travels. There are always things that could be better, but to dwell on them would be to take focus away from Jesus. That’s the key.

I try each day to focus on Jesus in my own life and reflect Him to others. My old nature has a bad temper and can be very grumpy, and that’s what a lot of folk see when they catch me in a fit of carnality. I just choose to tell them the truth – that I’m forgiven, not perfect. If they want a “perfect” Christian they’d best look in the churchyard since we don’t reach perfect this side of death!

I can’t say I’ve never sworn or had a drink. I do enjoy a good scotch or port sometimes. I’ve never been a real smoker, but in my youth the odd cigar here and there (total of maybe 20) did find it’s way into my hands. But I do what I can to relate to people without becoming something other than Jesus’s representative to them.

It’s not easy sometimes. It always feels like when my temper is at its worst is when I need to be a reflection the most. Let’s just say I’m a work in progress.

The last year has been a challenge. Moving to the UK from Cape Town has been more traumatic than I expected, and this is very much not the country I left and I’ve struggled to reintegrate.

Within the next few weeks I will be a father, which at 46 both delights and terrifies me! I’ve not had much contact with my family in England in over ten years and the rest of my family is 9000 miles away in Africa. It’s going to be a challenge in terms of Spiritual and personal growth!

Eagle’s Wing Ministries has been my baby for 20 years and I’m looking forward to expanding into this new chapter. At the start of May 2018 the decision was made to register as a company in the UK, so Eagle’s Wing Ministries Ltd came into existence. Right now we are working with Peter Lokodong in Kenya to begin bringing traditional African jewellery and other items to the rest of the world!

Most of all I just love Jesus and my family – in that order. I’m a firm believer that it’s through loving Jesus we are able to extend the unconditional love our families deserve the most.