About Eagle’s Wing Ministries

The vision for EWM is simple.To be a Blessing as a resource for the Body of Christ.

Here you will find no crazy predictions regarding when Christ will return, no peculiar offers or money-back guarantees on your salvation.

The Ministry Website can be found at www.eagleswingministries.org The site is currently being updated and will link back here. Once complete there will be more articles in greater depth than here, and as I am able to create them, audio and video teachings available for download or purchase.

You can also find us on Facebook at Eagle’s Wing Ministries  for updates or follow us on Twitter at @Eagle_Ministry

The mission for EWM is more than to evangelise. For decades many church organisations have focussed on evangelism outreach events but then not had the resources to bring the lives they reach into the body of the church on a local and global scale. The result is many who convert, but few who remain.

With this in mind the heart of this ministry is to help churches disciple new converts. Yes, we are happy to get involved in outreach events. But our passion is to see new converts become people who walk the walk with Christ and reach others through their witness – and go on to do the same.

Jesus is Lord. He is the only way to a restored relationship with God, which was and is His heart’s desire. Everything in this site is aimed at helping to understand the mystery of God’s desire to have relationship with us.

If you wish to partner with EWM by donation, please contact us through the contact form and we will get back to you with details of how you can donate to the work of the ministry either financially or through physical donations of food, clothes, building materials etc for us to redistribute to our partners in need.

We will be adding a PayPal button to the www.eagleswingministries.org site in the near future as the site is still under development as well as a members area where additional material will be made available. Watch this space for updates as to when the full site will go “live”!


One thought on “About Eagle’s Wing Ministries

  1. Dear Beloved Brethren,
    Much greetings through the exalted name of
    our Loving saviour Jesus Christ from kenya .
    I am very much pleased to tell you that your
    teachings on your website are a great
    blessing to me, my family and the young
    independent christian fellowship that i
    founded when i got the call of the lord to do
    So, i, my wife , children and some few brethren
    from the commmunity we are serving the lord
    under this christian fellowship.
    The fellowship is of 32 members.
    I also take care of 25
    orphans whose parents
    In this i am requesting you to send us more
    teachings that will enable us, as a small
    church to grow spritually.
    As well it is my kind request that you also
    remember these needy orphans under my care
    in your daily prayers that God can open them
    ways for their needs both in physical and
    spritual growth.
    Also i would be happy if you will accept us to
    be part of your fellowship.
    Pass our sincere regards and greetings to all
    Brothers and Sisters in christ.
    Yours Brother
    Pastor Makori Zachariah


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