So South Africa, and indeed the world, is mourning the loss of Nelson Mandela. I personally have immense respect for what he did, his accomplishments and what he stood for.

Equalitly. Non-racial society.

He reportedly complained that his salary was too high when he took office as President, that it was not a salary he should be entitled to when so many were still impoverished.

He saw South Africa as his children.

And now things have changed

A good, God-fearing man with high ideals and a vision for a united South Africa free from racial boundaries has been replaced with a regime just as corrupt as the Apartheid regeime.

I’ll be shouted down, naturally. I’ll be told this has no place in a Christian blog.

But it does.

We Christians have to live in the aftermath. We have to live with the fallout of his passing.

I don’t pretend to know what the future holds. We may avoid civil war for a short time because Desmond Tutu is still with us. It may be delayed beyond that even, but already we see the insidious nature of the ungodliness of greed creeping into the high places.

The president, and I will not dignify a capital “p”, has by all reports built himself a palace – like Mugabe. He is accused of rape but the cahrges are dismissed. He is accused of corruption but is elected following stalling my entites he may have influence over. It is liely he will never be called to account by the World for the appaling squandering of public funds by his government.

This is not Madiba’s legacy.

Neither is it something the Church should sit back and accept.

We need to rise against the elected dictatorship we now suffer under. Don’t be mistaken by the rhetoric that comes from the office. All the jargon and double-speak serves only to establish one thing – the ANC rule. They have gone on record saying they will rule until Jesus comes. Jacob Zuma himself is a leader in a church, although what branch of Christianity in it’s true form would allow an adulterous and corrupt man to be associated with, never mind a leader of it’s people is beyond me.

I was a member of a church a few years ago where three members of the church were expelled following repeated appeals in line with scripture for them to cease the adultery and repent. When all else failed they were told not to come back. All 3 were in leadership postions.

What hypocrisy allows this man to be appointed after he admits adultery, unrepentant and defiant. This luke-warm church will suffer if it doesn’t repent. Revelation is clear on that. Christ would rather thay be completely cold.

Aftermath. Rebuilding required.

In the ten years I have lived in Cape Town, the largest “informal” settlemnt, Khayelitsha, has more than tripled in size as people come froim the villages in search of work, housing and an escape from poverty. Instead they find more of the same.

Jesus told us we would always have the poor with us. I wonder if he visualised these marginalised multitudes living on substance income derived from begging and eeking out a living by going through other people’s dirt bins to find good they can sell for recycling to earn enough to buy bread.

Did He see the 25% infected with HIV and the Church defaulting it’s calling to Heal the Sick – not pray for the sick. But the command HEAL THEM! It’s unequivocable. Peter took it seriously. Just read Ast 3 & 4 to see how seriously. He gave the cripple what he had – the authority to heal. He didnt say “if it by your will” or “won;t you stretch out your hand” or any of the religious claptrap we mutter in our less-than effective prayers today. He simply commanded the man be healed – and he was!

The aftermath of the resurrection should cause this World to tremble before us as we move through it with the Power of the Holy Spirit. Instead we tremble like the disciples before the Holy Spirit came over them, hiding in rooms and afraid of what the world will think. We huddle together and ignore what’s going on, praying ineffectual prayers and doing little on a practical level to overcome the World as Jesus told us He had done for us! (See John 14, 15 & 16)

We live in fear of the backlash of Mandela’s death when the system should live in fear of falling into the hands of God – and we are those Hands. China, North Korea and the last enclaves of communism should be shaking in their boots as the Saints of God move out, overcoming Faith drawing disciples every day into the Kingdom. Instead we tremble and believe the lies of the enemy. “There’s nothing can be done for the 4:20 window” or “China is a lost cause” or “your town is hopeless” or “your body will never be restored” or “you’re broke. Deal with it”.


We are at war! War has casualties. Yes we may lose our hoes, our businesses, our very lives in the fight, but so what? We have a place promised us in Heaven with Christ Himself. What more can we ask? This World can offer nothing to touch that.

War has victors. Christ has overcome the World, therefore those Victors are US!! He shared His victory with us. Just as God gave Hin all authority over Heaven and Earth, He has given us the authority of His Name. Just as the disciples coule cast out demons, so can we. Just as they could heal the Sick, We can too.

What more can we ask or dream?

Aftermath? The aftermath of the Cross is Life.

Never forget. Never surrender to fear.

Hold fast to our confession.

Jesus is Lord. By His blood and the Word of our Testimony we will overcome. And the World System will crumble.

Aftermath? Let them come. We have the solution.

Jesus Christ.


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