It Ain’t no Sin to get the Blues

There’s a Don Francisco song I’ve rediscovered just recently which has spoken to me in a very timeous manner – I love how God does that.

In it, he reminds us through music that obedience can mean suffering, and we can forget that when everything is going our way. But as a great speaker said in a teaching I heard many years ago, the only time you don’t run into the Devil is when you’re headed in the same direction.

I’m about to go to my worldly employer, who – lest we forget – is not the source of my financial income, merely the vessel God uses to get it to me, in order to discuss my future with the company.

Since I believe in the product, although my personal experience has been poor as an employee, and I would recommend the product to anyone in the market as the best available – and I’ve done a LOT of research on the matter – I will not mention the company name here.

I expect that by the end of today I will no longer be employed by this bastion of commercialism, probably with a black mark against my name for daring to put the wellbeing of my health and that of my family before my job. An irony for those who know me personally.

This means I will have more time to devote to not, in the eyes of the world, falling apart.

I prefer to think of it as a new beginning.

My wife’s health has recovered to the point that by the end of this week we will have a fully functional business running and servicing the local community – although I will not be playing an active part in it. I will spend some time recovering and drawing close to God in order to allow Him to refresh me, and then moving into His service full time.

Timing is everything, and although I’ve taken a beating in the last six months, I’m ready to recover and move on. I’ve been down almost as low as I ever have been (but not quite), and I’m ready to fight back in His strength, always remembering Jesus knows my suffering, the Disciples went through even worse than I did and came out with Glorious Victory.

So hold on to God’s Promise, even when things are falling apart. He will never put us through more than we can endure, and we can do all things through His mighty strength according to His Power at work in us.


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